Full Spectrum Warrior - Ten Hammers Coverart
Full Spectrum Warrior series
Developer: Pandemic Studios, Mass Media Inc. (PS2)
Full Spectrum Warrior is based a real-time strategy game commissioned by the U.S. Army to train light Infantry troops in urban combat situations. Soldiers are placed in a tense, hostile, and claustrophobic environment where they must complete a variety of military objectives. Players act as the Squad Leader, providing direction to Alpha and Bravo fire teams. The successful Squad Leader effectively uses cover in the environment and moves his fire teams in a coordinated fashion so they can protect themselves from possible attacks that could come from any direction. Full Spectrum Warrior puts you in the dirt with your men, where danger lurks around every corner.

The sequel to the intense strategy/action game originally based on interactive military simulations. As squad leader, players coordinate the actions of multiple infantry fire teams, leading them through a variety of hostile environments. An intuitive control scheme allows direction of squads in real-time as players outthink, outmaneuver and outgun enemies through more than 12 levels of intense warfare. Players will utilize authentic battlefield tactics as they confront the enemy with a deadly arsenal of weapons, the latest military equipment, and new player-controlled mechanized units. With an enhanced multiplayer mode, players can go online and battle friends through a variety of new head-to-head and co-op objective-based missions.

General Information


Full Spectrum Warrior, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

Publisher: THQ
Description: Full Spectrum Warrior is a squad-based game in which the player issues commands to two fireteams, Alpha and Bravo.
Similar Games: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Genre(s): Real-time tactics
Playthrough Length: 8-15 hours
Difficulty: Moderate to tough (varies depending on difficult setting)
Security Concerns:

Multiplayer Information

Online Multiplayer: Yes.
Local Multiplayer:
Voice Chat:
Connectivity Structure:
Age of Community:
Community Attitude:

Gameplay Information

ESRB Rating(s): M For Mature
PEGI Rating(s): 16 (Full Spectrum Warrior)
18 (Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers)
ACB Rating(s): MA 15+
Content Labels: Medium level animated violence, Medium level coarse language (Full Spectrum Warrior)
Strong violence, Coarse language (Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers)

Content Information

Violence: Moderate to strong violence. Blood. Graphic.
Language: Moderate.
Sexual Themes and Nudity: None.
Drugs and Alcohol: None.
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief:

Cost Information

Subscription: None.
In-game Purchases: None.
Gambling Elements: None.

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